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With Go Movies you can find films, or series-episodes, by browsing through a tab, such as, Top IMDb, genre, country, or TV-Series. You can use the title to navigate to your choice on the A-Z tab. If you register, you can request movies. View top-shelf entertainment for free. Here are a few examples of your options.

Game Of Thrones

Do you like beautiful fantasy visuals? Do you enjoy ruminating on human nature and society? Watch the tough and benighted characters make headway against their enemies. The setting is a fantasy world where the seasons last for years. Magic and non-humans are significant plot points in this popular show. The action and character development are acclaimed.

Breaking Bad

Engaging, well-developed, and authentic characters catapulted this program's popularity. An evocative mixture of betrayal, money, violence, social status, cleverness, and love, the story-line is rightfully acclaimed. The setting is a New Mexico drug territory. The plot follows the extended family of Walter White, and the circle of friends, centering on Jessie Pinkman.


As Matt Murdoch fights for justice, he flounders in the good-&-evil duality of human nature. The show is packed with fight-scene action and gutsy, devoted, characters. The setting is gritty New York, NY. The plot centers around a small law firm and crime fighting.


This is a chilling, mesmerizing science fiction fantasy. It evokes that queasy feeling of impending doom you feel in your scariest dreams. You will be sucked into a journey; to understand the metaphysical powers of the characters. The plot centers around a group of people with fantastical abilities. They are locked in a battle with a shadowy and malevolent entity. Watch the latest HD movies come visit us at 123movies.